Yale Summer Cabaret ‘22 (YSC ‘22) unites artists through a powerful love ethic to connect and deepen their bond with one another here at DGSD and with the greater New Haven community. Through theatrical productions, community arts festivals, and new play development from Queer BIPOC artists, YSC uplifts communal visions of love, hope and peace for a liberated future. 


  • BIPOC and Queer artists – There would be no “arts and culture” if it was not for Queer and BIPOC artists. By centering these communities, we strive for a future where the voices that have defined American culture can be uplifted and supported. 
  • Experimentation – A mix of success and failure is key to a healthy creative process. Through honoring the needs of each artistic process we allow artists to take risks and experiment without fear of judgment.
  • Inclusivity/Community – We hope to challenge and expand the traditional views of queer existence by acknowledging the invidivudal nuances of queer indentity in order to enrich our understanding of our collective experience.
  • Celebration – We wanna do something fun, something for the summertime, something for the girls to get ready and party to.