founding principles


By the end of the summer, DS49 is synonymous with joy, care, and growth. We imagine a group of artists who are not just proud of the work that they created at YSC, but feel equally respected by the way they were compensated and treated during their tenure. Through our intentional community partnerships and service, we have successfully contributed one tight stitch in the patch that aims to strengthen the relationship between New Haven and Yale University.


DEVELOPMENT STUDIO 49 @ YSC curates a joyful space for the people at DGSD, Yale, and the New Haven area to create artistically brave experiences. We are a temporary theater company, and above all we prioritize ethical practices that value process and relationships over product. 


  • Artistry: We believe that artistic excellence is born out of creative experimentation. We are committed to acting as a playground where artists feel as safe to fail and grow with us as they do to succeed beautifully.
  • Inclusion: We create the conditions for all to feel welcome by actively and intentionally centering voices that are historically silenced–especially the voices of the racial global majority, the LGBTQ+ community, low-income individuals, and marginalized genders. When people share about their past or present experiences with Yale, the New Haven community, YSC, or anything else, we believe them.
  • Responsibility: DS49 is committed to financial, mental, and environmental sustainability. We resolve to pay a livable wage for all who work with the Yale Summer Cabaret. Fiscal responsibility is centered in our programming; we make technical and artistic decisions that prioritize rest, provide time for a life outside of YSC, do the least harm to our ecosystem, and are aligned with the amount of money that each person is getting paid. We responsibly create and maintain meaningful partnerships and seek ways to remain connected with the people and organizations that we encounter this summer outside of the YSC space.
  • Service: Everything we do is in service of our artists and the New Haven community. Whether we are creating art with community members, seeking out volunteer opportunities, or partnering with a local business or restaurant, we make choices that allow us to do the most good for those with whom we interact.  Just like the campsite rule, we leave spaces and relationships better than we found them. 
  • Fun: If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it. It is summer, after all!


“low stakes. high risks. good vibes. is the best way to encapsulate our mission, vision, and values in one short phrase. low stakes refers to the amount of pressure and stress that we put on ourselves and our collaborators, while high risks is an invitation for artists to try new things and be comfortable with making mistakes in our space. good vibes invokes the sense of joy, comfort, and excitement that we want to be at the center of all our work this summer.