the leadership collective of Development Studio 49. they are all smiling, dressed in various shades of pink, and standing on a staircase in front of red doors.


Welcome to Development Studio 49
@ Yale Summer Cabaret!

We are the DS49 leadership collective, and we’re so glad that you’re here. Introductory details about our founding principles, team, and artistic vision for the summer can be found below. We can’t wait to see you at the Cab!



the flagship productions


untitled devised betrayal project | july 6-8 | proposed by Stefanie Kuo (Playwriting '24) and Bobbin Ramsey (Directing '24)

A devised, interview-based piece focusing on the theme of betrayal. In "untitled devised betrayal theater project," Bobbin and Stefani will gather stories of those who have had affairs, have been involved in incidents of cheating, or have violated agreed upon rules of conduct in a relationship to interrogate impulses towards behavior that will hurt loved ones. What does it look and feel like to have been betrayed? What leads someone to have an affair? What is the aftermath and the picking up of the pieces? Why do we betray the ones we love? What does it say about the human condition and our desire for connection? How and why do we forgive?

cabaret @ the cab | august 3-5

This summer, we’re leaning into the Cabaret part of Yale Summer Cabaret! We will program a fully-produced cabaret, featuring music, dance, acting, comedy, and more in a casual, inclusive setting. The cabaret’s theme is pride365, highlighting the importance of uplifting and supporting the LGBTQ+ community all year-round, and will include a partnership with one New Haven organization that aligns with, informs, and uplifts this theme. Performance slots for both cabarets will be open to DGSD students, members of the greater Yale community, and residents in the New Haven area. Stay tuned for details about auditions!

play @ the cab | august 24-26

At the beginning of the summer, we will commission six playwrights to create original, 10-minute plays. Creatives from DGSD and the New Haven area will be intentionally sought out by the leadership collective during the spring semester. It is our desire to commission students from the myriad of nearby colleges and universities, as well as residents of New Haven County, helping to foster a more genuine connection between the diverse types of people who reside in the area. Each playwright will be given a commission fee and paired with one member of the collective as a direct means of support during the writing process. Throughout the summer, leadership will host check ins with the six playwrights, encouraging community amongst the writers and providing space for creative experimentation. The Play at the Cab experience will culminate in a 6x10 play festival at the end of the summer, offering a world premiere production of the new plays.


the recurring events


coffee @ the cab | an open community space

During the day, the Cabaret space will become a daytime hangout spot for both Yale and New Haven creatives. The leadership collective will provide space for community members to gather and get inspired over coffee and pastries. Our commissioned artists are encouraged to use these days to workshop their 10-minute plays with the leadership team and fellow artists. The space will also be available to reserve for meetings or gatherings.

serve w/ the cab | volunteer work across the New Haven area

Connected to our core value of service, DS49 will offer volunteer opportunities to our audiences and local DGSD community in support of the organizations we partner with for the summer. The leadership team will work with each organization to define what service means specifically to them, in order to make the biggest impact. These offerings will be marketed through our social channels, within the cab space, and at our shows.

party @ the cab | the after-hours series

Following each evening performance, we’ll keep the party going through nightly extended bar service and a post-performance dance party. This series will encourage continued artistic conversation, allowing for additional community building, and (of course) good vibes.