Summer of Love Main Stage Productions

the father, the son, and the holy spirit

by Matthew Elijah Webb
Directed by Alexandra Maurice

“how clean must one be to experience the full and unconditional love of a father? and of a son? and of God? to what ends will one go to cleanse their mind, body, and spirit of all things impure to feel just a bit of that love?”

fuckin’ loud

by m. imani west
Co-Directed by m. imani west and Faith Zamblé

“on a night where life comes to a head time bends in the mind of an artist on the edge of themselves when tomorrow comes who will meet it”

BurnBabyBurn: An American Dream

by a.k. payne
Directed by Jacob Basri

“The air conditioner at 1987 Apple St. been broke for a minute and it’s hot in the afterlife. Sky II comes to her lost grandmother looking for answers; Sky has got some blues records and a bunch of poems. As Sky tells her grandchild her story, they find ways to live through memory, and how to beat the heat. Loosely inspired by oral histories.”