A greenhouse is a space that stabilizes the environment to allow optimum conditions for plant growth in an otherwise harsh environment. Tropical plants can thrive in greenhouses regardless of the snow outside. Our mission as YSC50 Greenhouse is to provide a reliable production environment for creative innovation. We want new and unique works and ideas to find a home in our season. Whether it’s a new 90-minute play, a reexamination of theatrical models of the past, or a workshopped musical – we are committed to supporting our collaborators as they turn a seedling into a sprout and a trimming into a whole new plant.



passion to develop and learn are more important than cohesion and completion.


centralizing Joy in our work and our season


pursuit of greener theater practices in production and operation of the Cabaret


sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses!

We commit to creating an atmosphere where everyone is welcome to grow in our garden. We commit to creating a season reflecting our school and community’s diversity. We value slowing down, careful consideration, letting go of perfectionism and transparency with our artists and our audiences.