Community Spotlight

The following organizations are vital players in the efforts to make New Haven a more equitable, anti-racist community.
Our Community Spotlight encourages everyone to learn more about them.

Sandra’s Next Generation Restaurant

Sandra's Next Generation Restaurant Logo

636 Congress Ave. New Haven, CT 06519 / (203) 787-4123

“It is said that cooking is an act of love. If that is true, then my career was born from my mother’s heart. All that I am and all that I know as a cook I learned from her.”
– Sandra Pittman

One Village Healing

One Village Healing Logo |

One Village Healing (OVH) is a BIPOC led initiative that centers radical inclusion, affinity healing, and joyfulness as core elements of collective healing. OVH also centers the specific healing needs of those most impacted by systems of oppression by offering healing sessions that use holistic modalities like reiki, meditation, yoga, dance, music, and visual art as tools for increasing resiliency, mindfulness, healing, and liberation from systemic oppression. OVH offers wellness seekers: practitioners trained in anti-oppression and pro-liberation practices; free and pay what you can access to healing services; affinity healing sessions; and welcoming accessible spaces for all bodies.

Turn the Page | IG: @turnthepagemovement

Turn the Page is a collective striving to ignite a community of readers who commit to decolonize their bookshelves, to redistribute wealth into black communities and to take actions toward Black liberation.

The founders of Turn The Page watched as Amazon sold out of books featured on anti-racist reading lists, while Black bookstores, who have committed to Black storytelling for years, struggled to stay open during the Covid-19 pandemic. This inspired us to question our definitions of allyship and activism, and Turn The Page was born with the simple challenge to our community: buy and read a book from a Black-owned bookstore each month.

We are grounded in practices of grassroots activism and radical Black collectives that have and continue to do the work of Black liberation. Turn The Page Collective is comprised of young artists across the African diaspora and those allied with them in pursuit of Black liberation. Our work is about easing the workload of the bookstores with whom we partner, and counter the ways capitalism has consistently worked to stifle Black-owned business.

Turn The Page efforts center Black literature, artists, and of course Black-owned bookstores. With our partnered we develop bi-monthly Black Literature Collections for our Community of Readers. We encourage our readers to not only purchase books, but engage with them in conversation and community. We uplift the philanthropic projects of our patterned bookstore and help deepen their roots in their communities. Help uplift Source of Knowledge, our current partnered bookstore’s annual Read and Feed event taking place this Fall.

Our next Collection launches on August 7th! Learn more about the books from Source of Knowledge owners Masani Barnwell and Patrice McKinney at a talk sponsored the Princeton Lewis Center for the Arts in conjunction with Turn the Page.

Starting August 2nd, all Turn The Page book purchases and any donations for our Read & Feed fundraiser can be made at