Program Ads

Program Ads

As a member of the New Haven community, the Yale Summer Cabaret is enthusiastic about partnering with other local businesses. If you’re interested in advertising with us, have any questions, or want to discuss other potential partnerships, we’d love to hear from you! Our full-color program advertisements offer deep access to a targeted, extensive customer base at a remarkable value.

  • With an estimated summer attendance of nearly 4,000, an advertisement in our program can reach a significant consumer base.
  • Our audience is made of a diverse range of locals – both members of the Yale community and New Haven-area community members – but what they have in common is that they spend their leisure time in New Haven.
  • As many of our audience members come for dinner or drinks in the theater, they peruse our programs thoroughly in the theater (and often take them home after)!
  • Our loyal patrons think of us as part of their community, and appreciate businesses that support exciting art.

Advertisements are available in a variety of sizes (logo placement, half page, full page, or two page spread) and can be purchased for a single show’s run (10-15 performances) or a full season (49 performances, including one-time special events available to season sponsors).

Two Page Spread: $800 (full season), $400 (one show)
Full Page: $450 (full season), $200 (one show)
Half Page: $350 (full season), $150 (one show)
Logo: $100 (full season), $75 (one show)
*All full season ads due by May 23, 2016.

“Last season I took a half page ad in the Summer Cabaret program to promote my small business. I wanted to help the Cabaret while reaching out to members of New Haven's arts community. The result dramatically exceeded my expectations. I attracted both short-term and long-term clients, who made a point of saying they chose me because I was supporting the Cab. One client told me that she stuck my ad on her fridge until she was ready to hire me in the fall. We've been working together for months! Needless to say, I am placing another ad this season” ~Sylvia Van Sinderen, Small Business Owner

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